Donna's Surnames

These are the surnames that I'm researching. The locality and time frame for each surname is shown on the same line. I have at least some information on a surname in each locality and time frame given. If you need information on any of my surnames, please contact me via e-mail. Please share with me any information you may have on related families. Happy ancestor hunting!

NameLocationTime Frame
Claassen Nebraska, Gage County 1891
Claassen California, San Luis Obispo County 1919-1972
Coffelt (Kaufeldt) Arkansas 1832-1857
Dueck West Prussia, Danzig 1866
Dueck Nebraska 1896-1904
Dueck California, San Luis Obispo County 1903-Present
Dyck West Prussia, Petershagen 1827-1838
Dyck West Prussia, Halbstadt 1830
Dyck West Prussia, Kunzendorf 1832
Dyck West Prussia, Tiegenhof, Mennoniten 1836-1866
Dyck Nebraska 1891-1899
Dyck California, San Luis Obispo County 1901-Present
Gwinnup (Guinnup, Guinup, Gwinup, Gwynnup, Guennup) Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County 1786
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Pennsylvania 1811-1830
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Indiana 1831
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Ohio 1832-1838
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Missouri 1836
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Louisiana 1844
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Illinois 1845
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Iowa 1846-1848
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Nebraska 1852
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) Utah 1853-1860
Kelting (Keltin, Ketting, Kelling) California 1856-1904
Kirlicks Lithuania 1848
Kirlicks Texas 1883
Kirlicks California 1936-Present
Ragsdale (Ragsdill) Virginia 1644-1784
Ragsdale (Ragsdill) Arkansas 1835-1880
Ragsdale (Ragsdill) California 1913
Reeder (Reader) Arkansas, Washington County 1823-1845
Reeder (Reader) Texas, Fanin County 1843-1858
Reeder (Reader) California, San Bernardino County 1863-1929
Shearer Iowa 1870
Shearer California, Monterey County 1933
Shearer California, Santa Clara County 1938
Shearer California, Santa Cruz County 1944
Shearer California, San Luis Obispo County 1951
Wilkinson (Wilkerson) Missouri, Greene County 1840
Wilkinson (Wilkerson) Arkansas, Pulaski County 1862
Wilkinson (Wilkerson) Texas, Cooke County 1886
Wilkinson (Wilkerson) Kansas 1865
Wilkinson (Wilkerson) Nevada, Washoe County 1866
Wilkinson (Wilkerson) California, San Bernardino County 1872-1932
Wilkinson (Wilkerson) California, Ventura County 1876

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