Larry's Surnames

These are the surnames that I'm researching. The locality and time frame for each surname is shown on the same line. I have at least some information on a surname in each locality and time frame given. If you need information on any of my surnames, please contact me via e-mail. Please share with me any information you may have on related families. Happy ancestor hunting!

Name Location Time Frame
Berry Massachusetts, Barnstable County 1705
Berry New Jersey 1775-1804
Berry Indiana 1806-1894
Berry Ohio 1807-1811
Berry Iowa, Union County 1834-1860
Berry Missouri, Nodaway County 1878
Berry Missouri, Rockwood 1915
English New Jersey 1790
Ewart Pennsylvania 1788
Ewart Ohio, Butler County 1818-1850
Ewart Ohio, Highland County 1869
Ewart Iowa 1908
Ewart Missouri 1876-1922
Ewart Colorado 1928-1957
Holston Indiana, Vigo County 1814-1844
Holston Iowa 1846-1859
Holston Missouri 1880-1935
Long Tennessee, Polk County 1886
Long Tennessee, Bradley County 1877-1906
Long Colorado, Weld County 1930-1936
O'Connor Colorado, Weld County 1884-1900
Ranslow (Renslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Vermont 1778-1905
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Connecticut 1786-1795
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Massachusetts 1786-1855
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) New York 1818-1859
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Illinois 1843-1901
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Missouri 1858-1871
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Iowa 1859-1948
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Colorado 1897-Present
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Tennessee 1903-1953
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Nebraska 1906-1915
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) California 1944-Present
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Alabama 1948
Renslow (Ranslow, Renslo, Renselo, Rencello) Indiana 1952-1978
Shephard Illinois 1865
Spencer Missouri, Cedar County 1850
Swindle Kentucky (or Illinois) 1808
Swingle Illinois 1823
Swingle Missouri, Cedar County 1847
Walters Indiana, Union County 1834-1843
Walters Indiana, Rush County 1846-1855
Walters Iowa, Boone County 1861-1865
Walters Missouri, Nodaway County 1875-1920
Walters Missouri, Barton County 1885-1886
Walters Iowa, Montgomery County 1889-1940
Walters Montana, Yellowstone County 1913-1916
Ward Virginia, Ohio County (now West Virginia) 1820
Wilcoxen (Wilcox) Missouri, Cedar County 1847-1850
Wilcoxen (Wilcox) Missouri, Nodaway County 1853-1906
Wilcoxen (Wilcox) Kansas, Kingman County 1885
Wilcoxen Colorado (or Kansas?), Horse Creek 1888
Wilcoxen Kansas, Ford County 1891-1963
Wilcoxen Kansas, Reno County 1895-1935
Wilcoxen Kansas, Barber County 1906
Wilcoxen Kentucky, Jefferson County 1920
Wilcoxen Iowa, Harrison County 1934-1939
Wilcoxen Iowa, Pottawattamie County 1935-1974

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