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A guide to the weird and wonderful on the web. 2space Some of this is weird, some is enlightening, some is funny, some is truly wondrous, if a little unbelievable, but it's all interesting reading. 2space Both sides of the story can be found here--skeptics should be heard as well!
  • Alternative History from the Wizard's Den. space History not normally found in the history texts.
  • Art Bell Web Page. space I formerly had Art Bell listed under UFOs, but, believe me, his radio show and his web page are much weirder than just UFOs.
  • Black Vault. Where government secrets become known. NEW!
  • Bones of Contention. New Discoveries Causing Upheaval in Anthropology. Mark Eastman, M.D. Creationist view.
  • Cult Archaeology, Pseudoscience, and Creationism . space Choose which of the whacky worlds of cult archaeology, pseudoscience or creationism you'd like to warp off to.
  • Darwin Awards . 2space Darwin Awards are given, usually posthumously, to the individual(s) who remove themselves from the gene pool in the most spectacular fashion.
  • Donald Simanek's Page . space Skepticism, Critiques of Pseudoscience, and Urban Legends.
  • ENIGMA PROJECT Home Page . space An association of scientifically trained and technically oriented individuals who investigate and document claims of unexplained phenomena.
  • Fantastic Archaeology Index . space Debunk the myths: Lost Tribes, Sunken Continents and Ancient Astronauts.
  • Fortean Times . The Journal of Strange Phenomena. space Web site associated with magazine.
  • Laura Lee Show . 2space Ancient mysteries, new science, alternative energy, alternative health, and anomalies of all description. Web site associated with radio show.
  • Mars Surface Anomaly Analysis Group. "Face" and other features on Martian surface. NEW!
  • Museum of Unnatural Mystery . space Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness?
  • Mysterious & Unexplained . space Lost civilizations, treasure, space, psychics, ancient monuments, cryptozoology, UFOs, skepticism.
  • Parascope . space Something strange is happening.
  • Skeptic's Dictionary . space Over 338 skeptical definitions and essays on occult, paranormal, supernatural and pseudoscientific ideas and practices with references to the best skeptical literature.
  • Unusual Research . space Late news about strange stuff.
  • Westgate. space Dedicated to the Angel of Death and necromantic practice.
  • Why is the sky dark at night? Discover the connection between a rubber band, your refrigerator, and the universe.
  • Wizard's Den . space Stretch your mind with the Directory of Little Known Information. space Investigate Alternative Science, Alternative History, UFO'S, Consciousness Studies, Free Energy, PSI Research, EMF Effects.
  • Worlds Before Our Own. An excerpt from the book by Brad Steiger. What happens when unique skeletal and cultural evidence from a prehistoric world appear long before they should -- and in places where they should not...?
  • Yahoo Paranormal Phenomena . space

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