Apache module mod_cern_meta

This module is contained in the mod_cern_meta.c file, and is not compiled in by default. It provides for CERN httpd metafile semantics.


Emulate the CERN HTTPD Meta file semantics. Meta files are HTTP headers that can be output in addition to the normal range of headers for each file accessed. They appear rather like the Apache .asis files, and are able to provide a crude way of influencing the Expires: header, as well as providing other curiosities. There are many ways to manage meta information, this one was chosen because there is already a large number of CERN users who can exploit this module.

More information on the CERN metafile semantics is available.



Syntax: MetaDir directory name
Default: MetaDir .web
Context: server config
Status: Base
Module: mod_cern_meta

Specifies the name of the directory in which Apache can find meta information files. The directory is usually a 'hidden' subdirectory of the directory that contains the file being accessed. Set to "." to look in the same directory as the file.


Syntax: MetaSuffix suffix
Default: MetaSuffix .meta
Context: server config
Status: Base
Module: mod_cern_meta

Specifies the file name suffix for the file containing the meta information. For example, the default values for the two directives will cause a request to DOCUMENT_ROOT/somedir/index.html to look in DOCUMENT_ROOT/somedir/.web/index.html.meta and will use its contents to generate additional MIME header information.

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