Module mod_userdir

This module is contained in the mod_userdir.c file, and is compiled in by default. It provides for user-specific directories.


Syntax: UserDir directory/filename
Default: UserDir public_html
Context: server config, virtual host
Status: Base
Module: mod_userdir

The UserDir directive sets the real directory in a user's home directory to use when a request for a document for a user is received. Directory is either disabled, to disable this feature, or the name of a directory, following one of the following patterns. If not disabled, then a request for will be translated to:

UserDir public_html     -> ~bar/public_html/one/two.html
UserDir /usr/web        -> /usr/web/bar/one/two.html
UserDir /home/*/www     -> /home/web/bar/one/two.html
The following directives will send redirects to the client:
UserDir   -> http//
UserDir*/y     ->

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