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Selecting the proper chassis is an important process. The chassis will determine the aesthetic properties of your entire system. You'll probably be looking at this chassis for a long time. You should choose a chassis with no less consideration than you would choose any other office or home furnishing. Indeed, most of our clients are not just casual PC users, they are dedicated professionals and serious hobbyists. We encourage you to buy a chassis that you will enjoy.

More importantly, modern computers have exacting power and thermal requirements, especially Pentium II systems, dual CPU systems and systems with 7200RPM SCSI disks. You can not carelessly throw a system like these together like you did your old 486. However, disturbingly, that is exactly what most vendors do. The result is an alarming rate of component failures and system instability. For these types of systems you should consider buying a California PC Products or similar chassis. Indeed their are chassis/component combinations which we refuse to sell. A poorly integrated system will certainly fail. If you are going to buy the latest technology you must match the components carefully taking the power and thermal requirements into consideration. You must buy the proper power supply, fans and chassis.

Please take ample time and review all of your options. We've provided a lot of useful information and links on these pages. In most cases you can find pictures, specifications and even mechanical drawings along with our suggestions. Indeed don't neglect to consider a rack mount chassis option. Rack Mounts make excellent desktop chassis with superlative ventilation. In many instances we do not include pictures on the main pages because they take time to download. However, links for photos are provided.

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California PC Products Sliger
Joyance PC Power and Cooling
Axxion ASUS/Elan Vital
Elma In Win
Enlight Topower
Chenbro Other ATX Chassis Vendors

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