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To write diskette images to a floppy under DOS use rawrite.exe(13K). Under Linux use:
dd if=disk.image of=/dev/fd0

Files ending in .tar.gz can be extracted under Linux by typing:
tar -xvzf file.tar.gz
Files ending in just .tar can be extracted with:
tar -xvf file.tar


Files available to FTP:

iBCS for Linux:

Until recently, in order to run applications from various forms of UNIX (or UNIX-Clones) one had to download source code and compile it on one's own Operating System. This is often complex and may involve hacking the sources. Otherwise a binary version of a program must be installed that was built for your particular flavor of UNIX or UNIX-Clone. However, many binaries are not available under all forms of UNIX.

The Intel Binary Compatibility System (iBCS) allows any UNIX binary to run on any other UNIX or UNIX clone OS. It defines an interface between the user applications and the kernel. Program system calls are translated into native system calls. Thus SCO and SVR4 applications for example Word Perfect for SCO can be run on Linux boxes. The original sources for the Linux version of iBCS may be found at:

We have seen several folks on the Internet complain that when they re-compile their kernels they get various iBCS errors at boot time. This is because iBCS must be recompiled from sources each time the kernel is rebuilt. In addition, various old SCO XENIX 286 code must be disabled. These tasks are too complex for many users to undertake.

We have created a floppy disk image: ibcs.tar (1.44MB) that includes everything you need to re-build iBCS and a program to do it for you automatically. The disk image includes all the latest SCO, SRV3 and SRV4 libraries in addition to the sources for iBCS. The old XENIX 286 code has been disabled (who would be running XENIX 286 applications anyway? The 286 has to be run in real mode). It also includes a program that builds and installs the binaries for you.

After downloading ibcs.tar (1.44MB) You can extract it by typing:
cd /
tar -xvf ibcs.tar

Then you can build it by typing:
If you recompile your kernel, afterwards just type install_ibcs again and it will automatically recompile and install iBCS with the current kernel symbol versions. You may store the file on a diskette by typing:
dd if=ibcs.tar of=/dev/fd0

Than to install it you can insert the diskette and just type:
tar -xvf /dev/fd0

If you don't have them already, create the needed device files by executing:

# ln -s /dev/null /dev/XOR
# ln -s /dev/null /dev/X0R
# mknod /dev/socksys c 30 0
# mknod /dev/spx c 30 1

Good Luck!

GNU Bash Shell for Windows NT and Win95.

If you run Win95 or Windows NT but you're sick of DOS and you'd prefer to run the UNIX BASH shell (of Linux fame) you can now do it for free! BASH has been ported to the 32-bit Windows environment and a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) has been included by Cygnus. You can download the BASH shell in addition to most of the standard UNIX binaries from:

There are two excellent pages about installing and configuring BASH for Windows NT and Windows 95 at: and

Apache WWW Server:

Windows and DOS drivers per request:

To write the image to a floppy under DOS use rawrite.exe(13K). Under Linux use dd if=/BusLogic.img of=/dev/fd0

Burn-in and Test Utilities:

Linux kernels, modules, patches and boot disks per request:

Netscape for Linux:

3COM 3C905TX Driver Diskette:

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