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International orders are a complex and tasking operation. There are always customs hitches, delayed packages, lost wires and lots of paper work. Please read and understand our ordering instructions and our warranty and return page. All international orders must be cleared with us via *e-mail* before sending payment. There is a $ 3,000 minimum on international orders.

Think long and hard about whether you really want to do an international order. It's not fun and we discourage international orders. However, many of our clients think it's worth the hassle considering the high prices and limited supplies of good hardware in many countries. But first let us scare you a little.

To place an order you must have or obtain a DHL account. Payment must now be made in advance via cashier's check, international money order (IMO), money order or wire. The check needs to be sent to us via DHL so that we can track it. We will hold the check until it has cleared. You may then contact DHL and arrange to have your package picked up. Duties, taxes and shipping are the buyers responsibility.

Wire transfers are often lost about a month. One customer had to wait almost three months before his wire from Europe was located. He was very nice about it but his bank refused to even trace the wire until it was lost for over 30 days. Another customers from Scandinavia had his wire lost and he was extremely rude blaming us for the lost wire even though we had plainly warned him of such an eventuality.  Frequently banks dip into to wires and take $ 100 en route even though this is clearly a violation. No bank has ever been able to account for missing funds.

Make certain you understand that we will not pay for shipping either way on defective or DOA hardware. This can be a real hardship for you if you purchase heavy items. For example, one customer ordered an $800 17" Nokia monitor from Japan. We tested the monitor before shipping and it tested fine. However, the monitor failed on arrival and no Nokia service centers were available in Japan. The monitor had to be sent back to the USA to be replaced. Once all was said and done the total cost of the monitor including RMA shipping was $1910! That's more than double the actual value of the monitor. This doesn't happen often, but it can occur. We recommend you consider purchasing a monitor locally.

To sum we suggest you buy locally, but if that's just out of the question we'll be happy to help you but be forewarned of the risky nature of international orders. If you have colleagues in the US you may want to consider having us ship an order COD to them and arrange transit directly from their location if that suits you.

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