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    All domestic orders are shipped via Federal Express by default (except for special monitor orders, see below).  We have chosen Federal Express because they damage very few of our packages whereas we have experienced unacceptable damage and loss rates with UPS and the US Mail. However, in our opinion customer service has declined dramatically at Federal Express over the last year.   

    We use DHL internationally.   DHL seems to be the only carrier we've found that can consistently deliver a package on time internationally to just about any point on earth.  We've had a very poor experiences with Federal Express's international services.     

    Federal Express' rates seem a bit excessive.  Our Shipping rates reflect what we are actually charged by  Federal Express.   Federal Express is much more expensive than  UPS and the US Mail.  Indeed, they have been raising their rates every year.  Moreover, Federal Express charges us by the dimensions of a package in addition to the weight.   Because we tend to package components more carefully than other vendors, our packages are frequently larger and more expensive to ship.  We hope the value of having computer hardware delivered in working order is worth the expensive of shipping via Federal Express.       

    If you prefer to use an alternate carrier you may use Airborne Express or DHL. However, you will need to arrange shipping directly with these carriers as we do not deal with them directly. Airborne Express and DHL have low damage rates. Moreover, in our opinion they have much better customer service. However, we've found that most of our customers are willing to pay the higher prices changed by Airborne Express and DHL who's rates are even higher than those of Federal Express.


Tracking a Package

To Track a package enter your Federal Express tracking number and the date in the format MMDDYY:

(+/- 4 days)




Shipping Rates for Computer Systems

    By default, all computers are shipped via Federal Express' Saver Service.  All computers in a medium tower or full tower California PC Products chassis are shipped in a Bay Press and Packaging box and foam set which goes for $45.   This set is 31"x28"x18" and includes two foam pallets, a box and a tray.  Federal Express' rates are based on the volumetric weight of this box: 81 lbs. (31x28x18/194) plus insurance ($0.50 per $100).   Computers built with a California PC Products rack mount or InWin full tower chassis are shipped in a Unique Container box and foam set which is 24"x24"x14" and goes for $15.   This has a volumetric weight of only 42 lbs. (24x24x14/194) and is therefore generally billed at the actual weight which frequently closer to 75 lbs. plus the cost of insurance.  These packages are  Federal Express certified and protect our computers during shipping nearly 100% of the time.


Typical Federal Express Saver Service Shipping Rates
Rates include typical insurance value.
The price of the shipping container is not included.
Items Ordered Shipping Price
CalPC Tower 1 CPU Computer System $110
CalPC Tower 2 CPU Computer System $120
InWin Tower 1 CPU Computer System $95
CalPC Rack Mount Computer System $95
ASUS Notebook Computer System $80
Add 14 inch Monitor +$30
Add 15 inch Monitor +$40
Add 17 inch Monitor +$70
Add 19 inch Monitor +$100
Add 21 inch Monitor +$100
Add Loudspeakers to any of these +$20




Special UPS Shipping for Monitors

    By default packages are shipped via Federal Express Saver. However, because monitors are so large and expensive to ship we do allow some monitor orders to be drop shipped via UPS. For this service 17 inch monitor shipping is $30 via UPS Ground Service. Shipping for 21 inch monitors is $60 for UPS Ground Service. All orders shipped via UPS much be either prepaid or on a PO. UPS COD is not available. In addition if we drop ship via UPS to the following states sales tax will be charged: IL, NJ, CA, TX, MI, WA, GA and VA. Sales Tax is not charged in other states.

Additional Fees for Priority Service, Saturday, Alaska or Hawaii

    By default packages are shipped via Federal Express Saver. Federal Express Saver can take up to four days. Generally packages shipped to the Pacific time zone arrive overnight, to the Mountain time zone arrive within two days, to the Central time zone arrive in three days and to the Eastern time zone arrive in four days.

     Federal Express also offers options for faster services. They also charge other fees:

Additional Service Fees
For most computer systems
Service Add
2-day Service +$15
Standard Overnight +$40
Priority Overnight +$50
Saturday Delivery +$60
Alaska and Hawaii +$10


Shipping Rates for Computer Parts

There is a $20 minimum for all packages. For computer part orders the cost of shipping can be approximated by adding the value of the weight plus the value of insurance plus $16.  You may calculate the insurance by multiplying the total cost of the order by 0.005 and rounding up ($0.50 per $100 with a $2.50 minimum):

Shipping Cost = [Shipping Weight + (0.005 x Value) + $16]

Shipping Weights

California Sales Tax

There are no taxes except when shipping via FedEx to California. In most regions of California the tax rate is 8.25%. Even if your not a California resident, if we ship to California you must pay tax, there are no exceptions. In addition if we drop ship via UPS (this applies mainly to monitors) to the following states sales tax will be charged: IL, NJ, CA, TX, MI, WA, GA and VA. Sales Tax is not charged in other states. 

Current E-mail Response Time and Shipping Schedule

To find out how long it will take to process your e-mail and ship your order please check our order queue status report.

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