About The Diamond Lane

The Diamond Lane (TDL) is a privately owned company specializing in providing high-quality Internet service (connectivity) and presence (Web hosting and colocation). The Diamond Lane was established in December of 1994, and did some of the early development work in use of Linux for Web servers. Located in Hayward, CA -- 20 minutes from San Francisco, and 25 minutes from the heart of Silicon Valley, The Diamond Lane is ideally situated both geographically and electronically to provide connectivity to the Internet, and to keep pace with rapidly changing technology.

The nerve center of the Diamond Lane is a climate-controlled Network Operations Center (NOC) with Un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and generator backup to insure reliable operation even during power outages. The NOC is connected to the Internet via digital fiber optic connections, including a T3 and multiple T1's. This multi-homed architecture assures redundant Internet connectivity for near 100% availability of the backbone connection.

TDL provides high-performance affordable Web servers using high-end Pentium processors, and a proprietary Linux operating system based on Slackware, and Apache Web server software. The servers can also be configured with Stronghold Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Standard server features include daily statistics, digital counters, and other commonly used CGI functions. TDL also provides consulting services to ISPs throughout the US and System Admin consulting to our customers.

Connectivity options at TDL include analog dial-up 56k modems (single or dual), ISDN and T1/fractional T1. Whatever your hosting needs, The Diamond Lane is ready with a reliable, high-performance solution and the ability to handle your growth for the foreseeable future.

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