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Web-Based E-mail

The Diamond Lane offers Web-based e-mail at no extra charge to its subscribers. Web-based e-mail allows our customers to send and receive their e-mail from any browser on any computer. This is perfect if you are traveling and need to check your e-mail. The visual interface is easy to use, allows you to send and receive attachments, and notifies you when you have mail if you have your browser minimized and are using other programs.

Extra Mail Box

For our customers with multiple users, we can set up extra mailboxes for your domain for $5.00 per month per mailbox.

Mail Table (Domain Hosting Customers Only)

Customers who are hosting their domains with The Diamond Lane have a very useful, UNIX-based tool called "Mail Table." What Mail Table does is allow the creation of user names on that domain, but it will forward messages sent to that user name to an e-mail address that is specified in Mail Table. This way, users can enjoy the benefit of having multiple e-mail addresses on their domain without paying for multiple mailboxes. For example, let's say that Bob, who is in your company, wants e-mail at your domain (yourcompany.com). Bob has one of those free e-mail accounts with hotmail and wishes to receive e-mail addressed to him at yourcompany.com. Using your shell account, you can telnet in and use the Mail Table utility and set the address bob@yourcompany.com to forward to bob@hotmail.com. It is a very handy utility and easy to use, as it prompts you for information as you go.

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