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E-mail Support

There are a number of e-mail programs, both free and commercial, that you can use to access your e-mail from your computer. Popular choices include Eudora, Netscape Communicator, Pegasus, and the Microsoft Outlook family. While specific setup instructions change with each new version, any mail client requires the same information:

POP3 server
SMTP server
real name
e-mail address
For those with e-mail addresses, the POP3 Server is, and the SMTP Server is

Tech Support Phone: 510-782-6825

There are also a number of server-based methods for retrieving and sending e-mail. Two are noted here:

For Accounts opened before 6/29/00 For New Accounts since 6/29/00
or those who have moved their domain hosting to shell4 or shell5
Pine E-mail
Web-based E-mail
Pine E-mail
Web-based E-mail

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