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My SQL Tutorial

TDL is pleased to provide MySQL: a FREE, UNIX-based, multi-threaded database product which allows you to utilize database lookup functions through a CGI database interface, on your Web site. Note: MySQL will not be available on the FrontPage server.

If you are a TDL Web customer and would like assistance with setting up your account to access the MySQL running on your Web server, please use this tutorial for setup and programming information.

  • What is MySQL?

  • How TDL customers can get set up to use MySQL

  • A Programmer's Reference Guide to MySQL & the Perl DBI (in .pdf)

  • A Working Example of MySQL on the Web

  • Online MySQL Resources

    There are a number of MySQL programmer's resources on the Web. Below you can find links to a few of the better, more informative Web sites that offer assistance and technical information about MySQL.

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