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Netscape Communicator 4.X

As a service to our customers, we are providing a local download for Netscape Communicator full install. This is intended for customers who have received a set of Netscape Install Disks. This is NOT for public download.

Patch to Unlock Show Directory Button Preference In TDL 5 Disk set

To enable the preference setting for "Show Directory Buttons in Netscape 3.0 TDL Edition, replace your Netscape.lck file with this one. The file you need to replace will be in the same directory as the Netscape executable, Netscape.exe. Unzip this file there.

Useful Shareware and Freeware

We believe these to be the best shareware of their type. We have provided this files as a convenience for you. These programs are not written by TDL. If you find one of them useful, please register it with the author.

Archiving Utilities
  • PKZIP, required to extract all of these .ZIP files. For MS-DOS. (202574 bytes)

  • WinZip, for Windows users who don't want to drop to DOS to handle .zip files. (431204 bytes)

  • WinZip 95, to let Windows 95 users extract from .ZIP files. (497993 bytes)

PPP Software
  • Eudora, an excellent e-mail program for Windows. (322729 bytes)

  • Free Agent, an excellent news reader for Windows. (744279 bytes)

  • WinWorld, a MUD client for Windows. (208450 bytes)

  • SLICS, a Winsock chess client, used for playing chess over the Internet on a Free Internet Chess Server. Self-extracting .zip file. (490209 bytes)

  • MacFix is a fix for Mac users who are unable to view some home pages. This happens to about 30% of Mac users, and is due to the packet size settings. This program will change the settings to values that will allow you to get to all active Web sites.

  • MacPPP for the Macintosh. MacPPP allows users running Mac O/S 7.1 - 7.5.x to connect to the Internet.

  • Eudora for the Macintosh. Eudora is an excellent mail client. (496640 bytes)

  • Fetch, a Macintosh FTP client. (742400 bytes)

  • NewsWatcher, a Usenet news reader for Macintosh. (855040 bytes)

  • Telnet, Macintosh telnet client. (126464 bytes)

  • BetterTelnet 1.0 (401k FAT), an improved and bugfixed version of NCSA's Telnet 2.7b4.

  • Cornell's Comet v3.11 (1044k) is a full-featured terminal emulator.

  • TurboGopher, Gopher client for the Macintosh. (229504 bytes)

  • Win/QVT Net, a good Windows Telnet client. (399929 bytes)

  • WS_FTP, a Winsock FTP client that works pretty well. (480222 bytes)

Graphics Software
  • Picture Man, a graphics manipulation program. Its user interface takes some getting used to, but it has a magic wand, and some of its filters, such as "Hand Drawing," are spectacular. (457728 bytes)

  • Paint Shop Pro 4.12 32 bit. This is a shareware graphics manipulation program that has advanced features, and an easier-to-understand interface than Picture Man. (3044380 bytes)

  • Paint Shop Pro 3.00. For people who are still using Windows 3.1, we have this older version of Paint Shop Pro.(1407952 bytes)

  • LView Pro, an excellent bitmap image manipulation program. Supports .gif, .jpg, TIFF, .bmp, and more. Can create transparent and/or interlaced .gifs. It also works well with Free Agent as a viewer for .gifs and .jpgs posted to Usenet. (312747 bytes)

HTML Tools and Tutorials
  • Aracnophilia, an excellent HTML development program for 32 bit Windows operating systems. Easy to use, and it is freeware.

  • Map This, an easy-to-use image map creation utility for Windows 32 bit operating systems.

  • Web Tutor, an HTML-based HTML training course covering both basic and advanced topics.

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