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Technical Support for Virtuals

This page and its connected pages are intended to provide assistance for TDL virtual customers only (those who have domain names hosted at The Diamond Lane).

Note: Older domain-hosted accounts are on servers which do not support the Virtual Control Panel, and where changing your password or setting up a MySQL database work differently. The areas where the server you are on makes the administration different are marked below with an asterisk(*).

If you would like to move your domain name to one of the newer servers, please call 510-782-6825, TDL Tech Support, to make an phone appointment.

General Your Directory
FAQ about Web Page Design
Virtual Control Panel *
Interpreting Your Web Stats
Web-Based E-mail*
Page Counters

Working Online Pine E-mail*
Changing Your Password*
Command Line FTP Commands
UNIX Commands
Password Protecting A Directory
Writing and Using Your Own CGI
E-mail Forms with Cgiemail

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