RazaTeca is a bilingual (English/Spanish) magazine founded in 1996. It is the product of a grassroots efforts of Chicano/Latino community activists, students and professionals who volunteer their time as writers, editors and artists.

RazaTeca Magazine

Our publication differs from other magazines in our critical approach to the main issues affecting the Chicano/Latino/Native-American population in the United States. Our emphasis is on the Indigenous aspects of the culture. Our objective is to provide our readers with information that can assist and motivate them to work towards the betterment of the social, economic and political conditions of RAZA (Indigenous people of the Americas) in the United States.

We cover historical and current perspectives on political, intellectual, cultural, social and economic issues. To that end, we confront issues that are not covered by the mainstream media. An example of recent stories include: The Chicano Business Report, Raza Lowriding in Cyberspace, Report on the LULAC Convention, Affirmative Action and Education, Health and Medicine, and Barrio Beats: Chicano/Latino Hip Hop Collections. The magazine is published bi-monthly and appeals to a diverse audience. Circulation is 10,000, with a growing readership of over 25,000 to include readers of all ages, occupations, and socio-economic groups. Our focus is mainly in the Southwest, but we cover stories in the national and international scope and interest. Each month we feature a cover story that details a current event that features activist RAZA.

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Here is the cover of our current issue. In the cover story, "Summer Solstice Honors Father Sun," Carmen Trinidad and Margarita Maestas-Flores describe their first solstace ceremony, and show how such rituals have relevance and meaning today.

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