Submission Guidelines

We publish newsworthy, issue-oriented articles dealing with politics, technology, business, health, education, and history. Our approach is inclusive in that we encourage the submittal of book reviews, poetry and music. To contribute material please follow the guidelines as noted:

  • Submit a typed, double-spaced manuscript with one-inch margins (a diskette is greatly appreciated).
  • Please keep articles to under 1,500 words.
  • Include the authors full name, address, and phone number. We are not staffed to return manuscripts or photos, so please keep a copy for your files.

Before you submit a manuscript, please consider our audience and approach to issues in the Chicano/Latino/Native-American community. We prefer a manuscript that is clear and concise in explaining the issue. It is important that you present a perspective on the issues. We do not pay a fee for any publication submitted. RazaTeca reserves all rights to articles, unless otherwise specified. We will contact you if your manuscript is accepted.

If you have any questions regarding the submisson policy please send us an e-mail to:

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