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These are all (well, mostly) non-profit, governmental, and/or educational resources found in Hayward or its immediate neighboring towns
Profile of Hayward

Local Demographics about Hayward can be found at this site, which caters to realtors.
Our home town newspaper, The Daily Review.
Here's another page of info that the webmaster found.

The Hayword (sic) - a blog about Hayward hosted by the Daily Review.

The Hayward Page on the Wikipedia, partly written by the Schafer Park webmaster.
The history of Hayward (and nearby Castro Valley) can be found at the Hayward Historical Society.
Old and ancient postcards of Hayward (some of which are also owned by the webmaster) can be seen here.
One Hayward citizen's list of "top reasons to live happy and proud in Hayward."
One view of how Hayward's downtown area is developing can be found here.
You can download a pdf file about South Hayward, including unattributed pages from this website, here.

Weather and Views

Current Weather Conditions for Hayward and nearby cities from KRON-TV and SF GATE, San Francisco
Weather Forecast for the next five days for Hayward from ABC.
The Lake Elizabeth Live Cam - showing live views of nearby Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. Are the hills green yet?
Current Weather conditions at the Hayward Airport can be seen here.

Hayward and Nearby Communities and Government

Alameda County  Home Page.(Hayward is located in Alameda County)
Alameda County's Business and Economic development  Home Page.(Hayward is located in Alameda County)
Castro Valley - Hayward's neighbor to the north. It may be unincorporated, but it has more restaurants per block than any place short of San Francisco. Its history has always been linked to Hayward's. It's also the home of the webmaster.
Newark Our neighbor just to the south in Alameda County
Fremont Our other neighbor just to the south in Alameda County
Union  City Our other other neighbor just to the south in Alameda County
San Leandro Our neighbor just to the north in Alameda County
Hayward On-line. The City of Hayward's Home Page.

Education, and Learning Facilities

Alameda County Office of Education Our own County Office of Ed. showed the good taste to locate itself in Hayward!

Angry Tired Teachers  Hayward's own teachers form a band!!!
California State University at Hayward.Home Page for our local University
Canyon Middle School In nearby Castro Valley
Castro Valley Adult School in  nearby Castro Valley
Chabot College A community college located in Hayward. Chabot College hosts an FM Radio station, KCRH.
C. E. Smith Museum of Anthropology which is housed as Cal State, Hayward

Families in Action a group of parents who work to improve Hayward schools.
Hayward Public Schools  Individual school in Hayward have pages at this addess.
Hayward Unified  School  District - Hayward public schools - our  own school district's home page.
Hayward Education Association  The Hayward teacher's union!
Mount Eden High School Choirs The East Bay's premier choir has a site - powered by Souto.
Moreau Catholic High School. Our local college prep and religious high school.
Newark Unified School District Our neighbors to the south in Newark.
New Haven School District Our neighbors to the south in Union City.
Saint Bede's School. Our local Catholic Middle School, associated with Saint Bede's church.
Troop 807 Boy Scouts of America Troop

Local Libraries

 Hayward Public Library - our local library, with two branches.
The Cal  State Hayward Library, our local university library
The Alameda County Library with branches in neighboring Castro Valley and Fremont:
The Contra Costa County Library, a neighboring  county to our own also had a library system:

Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Facilities

Chabot Regional Park (Lake Chabot) Also, Bay Area Backroads TV show describes Lake Chabot here.  Some very different views of riding Lake Chabot's bike trails are here and here and here. If you want to find out more about fishing at Lake Chabot, click here.
East Bay Municipal Untilies District (EBMUD), the system which supplies most Hayward residents their water.
East Bay Regional Parks, the system which includes Cull Canyon & Chabot Parks, Hayward Shoreline, Coyote Hilils, and Garin Park, etc.
Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Known locally as "HARD," It manages almost a hundred sites, including Sulphur Creek. and Schafer Park. They describe Schafer Park thusly on their site: "Picnic Tables, Barbecues, Play Area, Open Lawn Area ."
The Hayward Shoreline is a nature preserve saved for us by, among other people, local naturalist Leo Bachle.
The Sulphur Creek Nature Center shows native wildlife, lends pets, and maintains a garden of native plants.
The Sun Gallery is Hayward's most famous art museum.
The Douglass Morrisson Theatre ("The Little Theater") is Hayward's semi-professional live theater.
The Hayward Arts Council - presenting all forms of art from Hayward.

 Other sites located in, or concerned with, Hayward and its immediate neighbors This is a central location for all Bay Area transportaion systems, including buses, trains, ridesharing, bikes and BART.

AC Transit- Public Transportation  in the Bay Area. Search "AC Transit" for bus schedules local to Hayward.
Earthquake information and maps  maps showing earthquake risks for the Bay Area
Eden Information and referrel helping people get access to community services
Spectrum Community Services is another organization similar to Eden Information and referrel.
Family  Emergency Shelter Coalition A group of organizations and churches helped to alleviate homelessness.
Hayward Chamber of Commerce - learn about the business community in Hayward.
Hayward's Fault. A Virtual Tour of Hayward's Earthquake Country
Hayward Police Department Hayward's  Men and Women in Blue.
Hayward Airport.(a great photo of it is here.) It also hosts the annual air race from Hayward to Nevada. A history of the airport can be found here. An air traffic map of the airport is here. Hayward city's page on the airport is here.
Historical Landmarks in Alameda County These are an independent account of the State of California's official landmarks.
Internet Access Places in the East Bay where you can cruise the net for free.(mainly public libraries)
Kaiser Hospital in Hayward can be located at this address.
St. Rose Hospital in Hayward can be located at this address.
PC Community Homepage Hayward 's own Computer User Group

Our Esteemed Host -- I know I said it on the home page, but it bears repeating:

Space and access for this project have been generously donated by The Diamond Lane, an internet service provider located in Hayward, CaliforniaThe Diamond Lane, Hayward California

The Diamond Lane has hosted our page since the fall of 1996 That's ten years!!!!!! -- several lifetimes in the time frame of computers.

Because of the Diamond Lane, Schafer Park was the first K-12 school in Hayward to have its own web site. It also hosted the web site for the whole Hayward School District for a time, until the district could afford its own network setup.

The diamond lane has a close connection with some former students and parents of Schafer Park School. Details here. Thanks so much, guys!

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