Inportant Things to think about
from the know-it-all webmaster

The following pages represent my own thoughts, and are not necessarily endorsed by the Hayward Unified School District, the PTA, my friends, my family, Carlbob Stanley, nor the City of Hayward.  However, I think they're all spot on.

-Paul MacFarlane

How to help students improve their writing skills

How to provide a good education, according to the US Government

How to use what we know about brain functions to improve education

What Asian schools are doing that makes their students better than ours
- a review of Learning from Asian Schools, - from a study that also resulted in a book entitled The Learning Gap.

School reform that will actually work
- a review of a book entitled The Teaching Gap.

Who Knows What Lurks in the Minds of Men?
(and why most people might not get the reference )
a theory of learning, which is an appendix to my review of The Teaching Gap.

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