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Joyce's retirement message.

Examples of Joyce's work.

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Joyce's Jewelry 2002 Schedule:

These are the last two days before Joyce's retirement:

December 23 - 24
Joy of Christmas Craft Festival, Contra Costa Center (former Wards site),
Hwy 680 & Monument Boulevard, Pleasant Hill, California.

Last two days! UPDATED!
Open 10 AM until 10 PM on Monday, December 23.
Open 10 AM until 3PM on Tuesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve).

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Dear Friends:

I am retiring from the show circuit and closing my jewelry business after the 2002 Joy of Christmas festival. It's been a wonderful ten years, the fulfilment of my long-held dream of finding a craft that would permit me to spend my weekends sharing the laughter, the sunshine, the camaraderie of the street festivals.

These have been memorable times for me, times that have finally cememted my feeling that I am a Northern Californian -- no longer a misplaced Midwesterner. Thank you all for contributing to the fat savings account of good memories I am carrying with me into the next phase of my life!

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Some examples of Joyce's work:

Snow Queen swag earring.
Snow Queen swag style earring.

(snqn_lg.jpg, 22.8K)

Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose swag style earring.

(crose_lg.jpg, 28.2K)

Two feathers swag earring.
Two feathers swag style earring.

(2fthr_lg.jpg, 24.1K)

Child's Bracelets
Child's bracelets.

(brclt_lg.jpg, 26.5K)

Zuni bear necklace.
Zuni bear necklace and earrings.

(zunk_lg.jpg, 46.1K)

Ankle Bracelet.
Ankle Bracelet.

(anklt_lg.jpg, 40.6K)

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