How to Set Up a MySQL Database With Your Web Account

For Accounts Established before 6/29/00

NEW Accounts SINCE 6/29/00

and those Moved to shell4 and shell5

If you are already a TDL customer, please fill out this form and send it to us. Tech Support at TDL will create user privileges for you as a free service. You will receive a phone call during business hours when your MySQL privileges have been completed to inform you of your MySQL password. Note: Your login password will not change.

All parts of this form must be completed in order to submit your request for access to MySQL.

User Name:
Your Domain Name:
Web Server:
Daytime Phone:

Those accounts on the new servers are set up with their own Virtual Control Panels and special tech support. If your account is on a newer server at TDL, you can set up MySQL databases yourself.

To see if your account is on one of these, use your browser to go to:

If doing this shows your Virtual Control Panel, then just click on "Add Database" and follow the easy instructions.

If using the /admin/ for your domain name does NOT show you a Virtual Control Panel, then your account is on one of the other servers at TDL. In that case, please use the instructions and form at the left to request a setup of a My SQL database.

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