Your Home Directory (Web Space) FAQ

What is my path to my home directory?
Depending on which Web server you are on, it will look something like this:
Your directory structure is illustrated below:

Where do I upload my Web pages?

Your Web pages (.html, .htm files), and all associated graphics (.gif and .jpg files) go into your public_html directory. You may have as many sub-directories as you wish. Anything in this directory is accessible from the Internet unless password protected.

Where do I upload my cgi scripts?

These go into the directory called cgi-bin, inside your public_html directory. The path from your home directory is public_html/cgi-bin.

What is in my logs directory?

The files contained in your logs directory are the raw log files that Analog uses to prepare your stats.html pages. We have provided information about interpreting your stats page.

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