What is Colocation?

We will house your server in our Network Operations Center, provide you with an Ethernet cable to our local network, and route your traffic to and from the backbone for as little as $200.00 per month. You will have access to your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Kind of Hardware and Software Do I Need?

We suggest high-end Pentium servers running Linux and Apache. These platforms have proven to be reliable, have excellent performance and good security to meet our standards at The Diamond Lane. If you already have your server configured with Linux and Apache, all you need is a good Ethernet card and have the server in a rack-mountable case, and you are ready for co-location. We have found that cheap hardware does not meet our performance standards, and you will not be happy with the results. If you do not have a server we can provide one.

Can I Colocate My Windows Server?

Yes. Make sure you have all of the service packs installed and be aware that Windows is inherently less stable than Linux. We can help setting up a DMZ zone where your server will be behind a dedicated TDL firewall.

I Know Nothing About Server Administration. Should I Learn More Before Colocating?

Server administration is your responsibility. However, if your server choice is our recommended Linux/Apache configuration, we can provide consultation when you are caught in a bind. Windows consulting is available as well.

How Much Traffic Is Included With Colocating?

Your monthly collocation fee includes 30 GB/month of traffic. Additional charges will apply for exceeding that limit.

Can I Move My Existing Customers' Domains to My Server?

Absolutely! You can move your customers to your server and then collect the monthly hosting fee from them from that point on.

How Do I Find Out About Pricing Information For Colocation?

Call us at toll free 1-855-TDL-HOST ( or 1-510-751-3883 option 2)


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