Diamond Web Services

TDL.COM launches its newest product DIAMOND WEB SERVICES- High Availability web services using custom mysql replication. To meet the demands of new generations of services, replication development needs to be focused on delivering the following:

High Performance
• Improves consistency of reads from slaves (i.e. reduces the risk of reading "stale" data)
• Reduces the risk of data loss should the master fail before replicating all events in its binary log (binlog)

High Availability
• Automatic failure detection with self healing recovery (preventing unplanned downtime)
• Controlled switchover in the event of maintenance to the master (preventing planned downtime)
• Proactive monitoring of the replication topology to identify issues before they can cause an outage

Data Integrity
• Ensuring replicated data is correct, consistent and accessible
• Developer / Operations (DevOps) Agility
• Automation to reduce administrative overhead
• Flexibility to support the rapid evolution of business requirements
• Maintaining low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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