Diamond Ethernet

Diamond Ethernet service offers dedicated bandwidth for demanding business applications that require more than your typical bandwidth. The service is delivered to your office as a typical Category 5 ethernet handoff running on a fiber backbone. This makes it easy to incorporate the service into your network. We offer many levels of Diamond Ethernet Service ranging from 5M to Gigabit circuits, so the service can scale as your business grows.

Give us a call at 877 TDL-HOST to get a personalized Diamond Ethernet pricing quote.

T1 and T3

Our Dedicated Internet Access (leased line) service provides a complete solution for connecting businesses to the Internet via high speed dedicated links. A T1 transfers data at the rate of 1.544 Mbps, and provides the bandwidth necessary for private e-mail to every computer on your network, as well as streaming audio/video and a Web server. T3 lines are also available. For a quote on a leased line, phone our NOC at 1-510-751-3883.


DSL is available starting at $24.95.

Dedicated Dial-up Account

The Diamond Lane has dial-up access for home users as well. The Diamond Lane supports modem speeds from 14,400 to 56k.

Rates/Connectivity Options

TDL.COM offers a variety of connectivity options to match the different needs of its customers. We will work with your budget and needs to find the best match.

Give us a call at 877 TDL-HOST to get started.

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