TDL MSP (Managed Server Program)

TDL is proud to announce its core service: Server Rental or Managed Server Program (TDL MSP).
We realize that not everyone who would like to colocate a server on the Internet has the expertise, time, or capital to invest in and setup a state-of-the-art Linux-based server for their Web site. To remedy this, we have developed a plan to meet the needs of these clients. Our many years of experience using various servers have resulted in a knowledge of what works and is the most reliable. We would like to share our expertise with others, that is why we are implementing the new server rental service: the TDL Managed Server Program (TDL MSP). Now anyone who needs the capability of a powerful server can rent one at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one.

TDL MSP consists of the following:

Your Own Site

Your site will reside on a server of its own and receive the same care that the TDL production servers receive. TDL will provide the hardware and operating system and place it on the Internet. You will develop your Internet, Intranet, and Extranet on this server. Since you are not sharing the system with other users you can use all of the server's hardware capability for your own processes. You may have as many mailboxes, auto-responders, and mailing lists as you like, which you can configure from a convenient Web Administration page. The basic account allows 146 GB of Web space and 500 GB of traffic--plenty of resources to support all of the complexity your Web presence will require.

Operating System

The operating system is Linux/Apache and includes the following features:
• Web-based control panel for administering your account
• Web-based e-mail interface for use on public computers and Internet cafes
• PHP support
• MySQL databases created with control panel
• Server side includes (SSI)
• Ability to upload your own CGI scripts without admin intervention
• FTP access
• Full UNIX shell access, through secure shell
• Automated relay opening with POP3 logins, so you can send e-mail through our servers immediately after checking e-mail
• Auto responders, which send anyone who e-mails them a text message of your choice.
• Virtual POP accounts, user-created mailboxes with their own logins and passwords
• Cgiemail, an application for making e-mail forms simple
• Graphical access counter
• SSL access (separate purchase for a signed certificate from a trusted authority)
• Perl, for server-side scripting, including CGI Tool Command Language (Tcl)
• Gnu C Compiler (gcc) for compilation of CGI programs
• Crontab access, for automating server-side tasks
• Detailed daily statistical reports
• Access to raw access_log files

Included are reasonable setup and installation services, as well as ongoing support via e-mail. TDL does not provide assistance with software installation beyond the packages already offered. If we help with any such installations charges will apply. We do, however, make most standard software upgrades from our shared servers available to TDL MSP customers. Server monitoring 24/7 is included with our standard managed services with necessary emergency maintenance.
Access to the TDL MSP is available via FTP, unix shell and Web-based Administration form. The server will be configured with choice of username and password. For security reasons and protection of the operating system, administrative or "root" access to the server is limited to employees of TDL and/or their authorized agents. TDL reserves the right to require, at its discretion, software and/or hardware upgrades for the purposes of maintaining security and stability of the services provided.

Hardware Configuration
Choose from two standard configurations:



$249.00 /month



Processor Pentium 3.0 Ghz Zeon 3.4 Ghz
Storage 146 GB 15k SCSI 300 GB 15k SCSI
Traffic 200 GB/month 400 GB/month
Custom configurations are available on request if the above servers don't meet your requirements.

Installation Time
It takes approximately two business days to prepare a preconfigured managed server for a new customer. We frequently have servers in stock completely preconfigured and ready for immediate use. Custom configurations may require lead times of 10 working days, depending on the configuration and availability of the hardware. Setup will not begin until we receive the initial payment and the signed contract.

Any current customer paying a monthly rate may choose to upgrade their server configuration for a fixed fee of $500. If the new configuration requires a higher monthly payment, that rate becomes effective immediately after the upgrade. Please note that our published configurations are not fixed; if you are hosting on one plan, for example, but that plan is later redefined as a more powerful server, you will not receive new pricing or new server hardware, unless you choose to upgrade for the $500 fee.

All the TDL MSP plans include traffic of up to 1 GB per day (1024 MB/day) as part of the managed plan. Higher traffic levels will be charged monthly, based on the daily average. The rates for the MSP plan are the lowest of any of the services we offer.

We calculate the average daily bandwidth usage of the managed server each month. This includes Web and FTP traffic, but does not include client access to the server or other traffic such as e-mail, unless there is unusually high usage, which will depend on what is being done with the server.
A single TDL MSP server can comfortably deliver as much as 30 GB per day, if serving only static content with a normal access pattern. This capacity will be affected significantly by server content, peak access patterns, or dynamic content such as CGI activity. Some clients may choose to distribute their site across multiple packages to accommodate peak load.

The basic traffic rate for TDL MSP is 30 GB per month. This is based on a monthly average of 1 GB (1024 MB) per day. All traffic that exceeds that average will be charged at our lowest available rate, which is $2.50/month for each 10 MB per day above the daily average allowance. For example, if your actual traffic was 40 GB in a month, your daily average would be 1,333 MB per day, or 330 MB excess at a total cost of $82.50.

Minimum Contract
The minimum length of the TDL MSP contract is three months, which must be paid in full. If the contract is cancelled before the initial three month period has expired, there will be no refund. If the contract is cancelled after that period refunds will be provided.

Initial payment must be made for the full amount due by check, money order, cashier's check or wire transfer, in US dollars. Checks must be payable on a United States bank, branch, or affiliate, or additional clearance fees will be applied (up to $30 US). Subsequent payments can be made by credit card. We currently accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. The initial payment cannot be made by credit card. Payments must be made on a prompt monthly basis, ahead of services received. Quarterly payments are preferred. Payment for the first month of service must be made before the server will be activated. Service may be discontinued at any time if the account becomes past due.
A fully detailed contract is available on line. All TDL MSP customers must agree to and sign this contract in order to receive service.

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