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Some of the most common questions we receive about the TDL MSP are shown below. Any question that is not answered here can be answered by contacting TDL at or by phone at 510-751-3883.

What is a managed server?
TDL managed servers are state-of-the-art Web servers that are rented to clients who want a Web presence of their own, but have neither the expertise nor the time to purchase and set one up for themselves. These preconfigured Web servers are connected to the Internet through TDL and they get the same TLC that our production servers receive. The client develops his own Internet, Intranet, and Extranet on this server. Since the system is not shared, all the server's hardware capability is available for his own processes. There can be as many mailboxes, auto-responders and mailing lists as needed, which can be configured from a Web administration page. The basic account allows 20 GB of Web space and 30 GB of traffic.

What operating system do you use?
We use a Linux/Apache based operating system. Some of the features include:

There are many more features. Please see the complete list on our Web site.

What services does TDL MSP include?
Included are reasonable setup and installation services, as well as ongoing support via e-mail. TDL does not provide assistance with software installation beyond the packages already offered. If we help with any such installations, charges will apply. We do, however, make most standard software upgrades from our shared servers available to TDL MSP customers. Server monitoring 24/7 is included with our standard managed services with necessary emergency maintenance during business hours. The standard service does not include around-the-clock emergency service, however, after-hour emergency service is available at an additional fee of $100.00/month.

How long does it take to get a server installed?
It takes approximately two business days for a preconfigured server. Frequently we have servers in stock completely preconfigured and ready for immediate use. Custom configurations may require lead times of 10 working days, depending on the configuration and availability of the hardware. Setup will not begin until we have the initial payment and signed contract.

What happens if the server fails?
TDL's first priority with any type of hardware trouble is to get the server back into operation. Emergency parts replacement is available on-site for most types of problems.

What if I want to upgrade my server in the future?
Any current customer paying a monthly rate may choose to upgrade their server configuration for a fixed fee of $500. If the new configuration requires a higher monthly payment, that rate becomes effective immediately after the upgrade. Please note that our published configurations are not fixed; if you are hosting on a TDL MSP, for example, but TDL MSP is later redefined as a more powerful server, you will not receive new pricing or new server hardware, unless you choose to upgrade for the $500 fee.

How much traffic can I generate?
The basic rate for TDL MSP includes 1GB/day (1024MB/day) traffic, based on a monthly average. Additional traffic is calculated at our lowest available rate, which is $2.50/month for each 10MB/day over the daily average allowance. For example, if you average 1124MB/day during a month, the additional charge for that month is $25.

Who are your suppliers?
We have established a working relationship with a variety of suppliers to ensure greater availability for all products. We do have specific manufacturer preferences, largely based on our experience in running Linux servers. We prefer ASUS motherboards, IBM or Maxtor hard drives, and Netgear Ethernet cards.

What is the minimum duration of server rental?
The minimum length of the rental contract is three months, which must be paid in full. There will be no refund issued if the contract is cancelled before the initial three-month service period. If the contract is cancelled after that period, refunds are provided.

What types of payment are accepted?
Initial payment must be made for the full amount due by check, money order, cashier's check or wire transfer, in US dollars. Checks must be payable on a United States bank, branch, or affiliate, or additional clearance fees will be applied (up to $30 US). Subsequent payments can be made by credit card--we currently accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. The initial payment cannot be made by credit card.

What are the payment requirements?
Payments must be made on a prompt monthly basis, ahead of services received. Quarterly payments are available and preferred. Payment for the first month of service must be made before the server will be activated. Service may be discontinued at any time if the account becomes past due.

Can I collocate my own hardware?
Yes. Colocation service is available. Check our site for the details.

Can I run an adult site?
Yes. TDL does offer MSP for adult sites. However, content on collocated servers is not monitored or regulated.

Can I have root access on my server?
Administrative privilege (root access) on TDL MSP servers is not available to customers at this time. This level of access is easy to abuse, either by accident or on purpose, and can potentially be used to attack or compromise other hosts.

Can TDL MSP be used for multiple sites?
Yes, that is their most common function.

What kind of contract is required?
A fully detailed contract is available online. All TDL MSP customers must agree to and sign this contract in order to receive service.


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